Childrens Birthday Parties Sydney

Childrens Birthday Parties Sydney

Looking for the best Childrens Birthday Parties Sydney look not further the Sparrow Sports as we cover you needs in the Sydney area where we come to you?

Our parties mainly look for to participants to take part in multiple activities like running, throw catch games group activities and team sports. so they can enjoy the celebration to the fullest. Sparrow Sports  will capture and involve your kid’s feelings and thorghts, bringing lots of laughter, fun & joy to any children’s event (Even sweat).

We keeps the kids (& adults) active with fun filled games tailored around the Kids requests or age.

Childrens Birthday Parties Sydney
Childrens Birthday Parties Sydney

Children love to see new or exciting activities and Sparrow Sports can provide that to entertain and makes children laugh with hilarious acts. By choosing Sparrow Sports for your children’s birthday entertainer, you will save your self precious time and money. We run for 90 minutes of activities and provide lolly bags and certificates

If you are looking and planning for something for your children’s upcoming Birthday Party or any events for your kids, then you will be wise and get the help from a professional to take care of it. Kids and teens can be hard to handle sometimes and it’s really hard to make them laugh, so an expert, teacher or a professional knows how to make the environment fun, safe and keep the Children happy.

So your choice is clear if you are looking for Childrens Birthday Parties Sydney , give us a call and we can walk you through the program. With over 15 years of experience in the entertainment business, Sparrow Sports can give your child the best Childrens Birthday Parties Sydney that they have dreamt of.

Call 0412 602 999 for more information on our activities

We can send you a list of games or send you what we think would be enjoyable for that age group

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Corporate Entertainment Sydney

Corporate Entertainment Sydney

 Looking for Corporate Entertainment Sydney? Call today 0412 602 999 for Amazing activities to suit all ages, skills and interests for games sports and activities for kids and adults alike.

At Sparrow Sports we can provide your we have you covered for Corporate Entertainment Sydney with Sparrow Sports Ph 0412 602 999

Just one call and we can put the show on the road at any venue in Sydney being a hall, park, oval or work place

Corporate Entertainment Sydney
Corporate Entertainment Sydney

If you are planning something for your children’s upcoming entertainment Party or any events for your kids, then you are going to need help from a professional like Sparrow Sports to take care of it.

Children can be hard to handle and it’s really hard to make them laugh, so only an expert or a professional knows how to make the environment fun, active, friendly, non competitive and make Children happy.

You might get many Corporate Entertainment agencies, but they sometimes they won’t make it up to your expectation.

With 15 years experience in the entertainment business,  we can give your organization or group the best Corporate Entertainment Sydney that they have dreamt of. Sparrow Sports has a great reputation for active fun and friendly staff that is loved by many children in Sydney.

Our aim is to have active participation in all games, sports and activities

We encourage Children to participate in multiple activities like Tag, scoop ball, parachute and running races etc. so they can enjoy to the fullest the time outside being active. Sparrow Sports will capture the kid’s imagination, bringing lots of laughter & joy to any children’s activities and event. We keeps the kids (& adults) focused with the activities & more.

Children love running around and games and thus Sparrow Sports can provide the Corporate Entertainment Sydney that you are looking for

By choosing Sparrow Sports for your Corporate Entertainment you will save your precious time and money.

Contact Sparrow Sports on 0412 602 999

For the best Corporate Entertainment Sydney go to our website and click on the options Sparrow Sports – Corporate entertainment



Planning a Kids Birthday Party

Planning a Kids Birthday Party

They will only be kids once as most people say, that is why it is always important to mark the landmark days of children with events at that is why it is vital for Planning a Kids Birthday Party

You want to make sure providing that there is a good plan they should never forget a party or event.

A little surprise treat will be cherished forever, so go ahead, make the Planning a Kids Birthday Party a memorable event of their life.

In these times of economic struggle, parents would want to cut on cost even to the point of not giving a party celebration for their children’s birthday. But who said birthday celebrations mean too much of a cost? With just a little of your creativity, you can actually come up with the best birthday party treat for your child.

Planning a Kids Birthday Party
Planning a Kids Birthday Party

The most important thing you need to consider when Planning a Kids Birthday Party is the things they likes most. Is it sports or superheroes, then focus in on this and make his birthday party theme all about sports, activities or the superhero.

If you daughter is much like a activities, games or princess parties, then maybe create a unique theme around their choice for her and her friends.

With just a few of their favorite stuff, surely, their birthday parties will be most remembered and cherished.

Sparrow Sports is the leading kids sports party provider and services Sydney & Brisbane Australia Call 0412 602 999 Sparrow Sports

However, if you want to surprise you child by having his birthday in a special place, then look for the right party venue. Make sure that the place is conducive for children parties, you can actually look for a special venue that caters to this particular need, hosting or Planning a Kids Birthday Party.

So why not opt to choose the perfect venue that can give your child and his friends more activities to do, Definitely, if you hold your child’s birthday in these party places, he will forever thank you for the good times he had. Or preferred provider is BIg Blast Brookvale 0410 221 235

So before you lose your mind thinking and planning to make your child’s birthday party a blast, look for the right party place to be the venue.

All you have to do is invite your child’s friends and they are all set to have a wonderful fun time.

Contact 0412 602 999 for more information on Planning a Kids Birthday Party and we can help you


Kids Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday Parties
Kids Birthday Parties

One of the most awaited occasions for kids (besides Christmas) is their own birthday party.

Kids can hardly wait to celebrate the day of their birth as it is often a day filled with delicious food, surprising gifts, exciting games and lots of fun with their friends!

There are 2 schools of thorghts her

  1. Do you outsource and go to a indoor play centre or alternative


2.  Run the activities at home or at a close by park

Due to increasing size of our children it is always a good idea to get them out and active with their friends and see them socializing with their group of friends

We recommend a active kids birthday parties at a location close to home to celebrate this important moment in a kids life

We can offer

Kids Birthday Parties Sydney

We come to a location of your choice in the Sydney area and provide fun and organized activities professionally organized for 90 minutes

Kids Birthday Parties Brisbane

We come to a chosen location for you of your  choosing in the Brisbane area and provide fun & organized activities professionally run for 90 minutes

These activities can be


kids Birthday Parties Sydney
kids Birthday Parties Sydney


Recreational Activities

for all ages 4 to 14

The parties can be themed around a specific sport or just general activities that keep the children active


We keep the kids birthday parties active fun and entertaining changing the activities every 15-20 minutes so there are lots of new and exciting activities to keep the children active for the 90 minutes

We do stop and have a water break every 30-45 minutes depending on the children, weather and activities requested

To get an idea of what we do give us a call

paul connah 0412 602 999