Sydney Kids Birthday Parties

Sydney Kids Birthday Parties

Sparrow Sports is a leading provider for Sydney Kids Birthday parties where we come to you with all the games sports and activities to offers the best kids birthday parties

Kids Birthday Parties Information

Sydney Kids Birthday Parties
Sydney Kids Birthday Parties

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We currently have availability to conduct the BEST KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTIES for all ages 4yo and above in the Sydney, NSW areas.


Our Parties run for 90 minutes (1 and a half hours) and we generally break them down into 15-20 minute games segments, with drinks breaks every 30-45 minutes dependant on coaches,  children plus other factors including age, fitness, weather hot/cold, etc

For a fun active party for younger children say 4-8yo we would recommend the following activities which keep the fun and on task while challenging them and the invitees with skills, fun and movement type games:

– Warm up Games (Tag, Stuck in the Mud etc)

– Scoop Ball (Throw / Catch game)

– Slingshots (Coordination and target game)

– Parachute

– Rockets (Giant Pump rocket activity)

– Sack races / Tug of War

If the Special birthday person has any requests for games then we can substitute any of the above games for their request

On completion all children receive a lolly bag and certificate + the birthday person will receive a gift from Sparrow Sports.

Cost are

  • For 17 children and above would be $15 per participant
  • For 16 children and under would be $16 per participant
  • A minimum fee of $180 applies. No deposit is required.

If you require any additional information or any other questions please contact us and we will endeavor to answer these at our first opportunity.

When confirming the party, please provide Us with the following information:

  • Birthday person’s name & Age turning & Date of Birth
  • Approx Number of Guests
  • Full Date
  • Venue
  • Start time for Sparrow Sports
  • Your contact phone details
  • Any special requests from the birthday person I.E. games, sports they would really like.
  • Where did you hear about Sparrow Sports.

On receipt of this main information we will then send you a confirmation letter for your Sydney kids birthday parties booking.

We will then get confirmation of numbers in the week of the party

We look forward in helping to make this day a special one for the birthday person and provide the Sydney kids birthday parties for all the participants.


Sparrow Sports

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Kids Birthday Parties Information