Best School Incursion

best school incursion

When a vacation care is looking for the best school incursion activities we always have ideas for the children to participate in games sports and activities that are fun and active for all age groups

We come to a location with all the equipment plus professional coaches to run the activities and take the burden off the staff from your centre

When you are planning your school holiday activities have a look at Sparrow Sports incursion activities to schools in the Sydney & Brisbane area for the School Holidays

School Incursion

School incursion

We come to your location and run a variety of Games, Sports and Activities which are a combination of

  1. Individual skills
  2. Group games
  3. Team play

This way we get to know what you want from the best school incursion activities for the holidays

We can run and coordinate a wide range of games such as

For the younger ones  (Up to 8yo) we would recommend the following

Warm up activities

Scoop ball


Pump rockets


Sack races

Throw catch games

Pair games

best school incursion
best school incursion


For the older ones  (9yo+) we would recommend the following

Warm up activities


Sack races

Small sided games

Tug of War

Capture the flag

Tails Game

Group Game with Cooperation skills


These can be themed along

Recreational line

Olympic games

Sports day

Teams day

If the theme is right for your students we can then get the best school incursion for your group

See details for more information


Our activities run for a minimum of 90 minutes (Can be longer or multiple groups) and we generally break this down into 15-20 minute segments, with drinks breaks every 30 or 45 minutes dependant on coach and children (age, fitness, weather hot/cold, etc)


On completion all children receive a participation certificate.


Cost are (special April 2016 rates)

$200 per hour for up to 25 children

$275 per hour for up to 50 children

$350 per hour for up to 75 children

No deposit is required, and payment on the day.


If you require any additional information or any other questions please contact us and we will endeavour to answer these at our first opportunity.

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