Charity Days

Charity Days


Smiley_1 We run professionally organized events for Charity Days to assist children and to suit all ages, skills and abilities in all area of Sydney, NSW and Brisbane, Qld
Smiley_1 We come to a location of your event or choice Such as Work Place, Park, Oval, Hall, School etc.
Smiley_1 We run a wide variety of individual, group and team games to suit all needs and abilities plus keep the children entertained with fun activities which engage all participants in skills and game play.
Smiley_1 We can also include if requested adults in some of the activities to keep the whole group focused and entertained in a fun environment with participation being the major focus.
Smiley_1 We generally aim the Charity Days at large number of children in the following age ranges so we get the most from the participants in an easy to control area with instruction and encouragement.
Ages 4-7: Skilled Activities : Throw Catch, Paracture, Tip, Tag etc.
Ages 6-9: Active Games : Sports + group and pairs games.
Ages 8-14: Group and Team games : EG Capture the flag.
Smiley_1 We turn over the games every 15-20 minutes to keep the attention of the kids  focused and keep them active and involved with others in the group.


  • We tailor the games to the skill level, requests and age of the children.
  • Supply all the equipment for a fun and active time.
  • Entertain and lead the activities for the children.
  • Provide a STRESS FREE event for the organizer.
  • Run a healthy, fun and active time for all participants.

The Charity Days runs for minimum of 90 minutes to one day & includes

Professionally organized games with equipment
Charity Days
Charity Days
Fun Activities
Charity Days for kids
Charity Days for kids
Active Participants
Kids Charity Days
kids Charity Days
Certificates for all participants
Charity Day
Charity Day

What the organizer receive

Stress Free Event
Children entertained and engaged
Experienced activity hosts
Fun games
Time for photo opportunities
Charity Days for all
Charity Days for all

What Kids receive

Fun with friends
Structured activities & games.
Age appropriate activities
Choice and variety of games
Certificate of participation.
Charity Days entertainment
Charity Days entertainment


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Contact Us & Call Us 0412 602 999  For Charity Days information