Kids Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday Parties
Kids Birthday Parties

One of the most awaited occasions for kids (besides Christmas) is their own birthday party.

Kids can hardly wait to celebrate the day of their birth as it is often a day filled with delicious food, surprising gifts, exciting games and lots of fun with their friends!

There are 2 schools of thorghts her

  1. Do you outsource and go to a indoor play centre or alternative


2.  Run the activities at home or at a close by park

Due to increasing size of our children it is always a good idea to get them out and active with their friends and see them socializing with their group of friends

We recommend a active kids birthday parties at a location close to home to celebrate this important moment in a kids life

We can offer

Kids Birthday Parties Sydney

We come to a location of your choice in the Sydney area and provide fun and organized activities professionally organized for 90 minutes

Kids Birthday Parties Brisbane

We come to a chosen location for you of your  choosing in the Brisbane area and provide fun & organized activities professionally run for 90 minutes

These activities can be


kids Birthday Parties Sydney
kids Birthday Parties Sydney


Recreational Activities

for all ages 4 to 14

The parties can be themed around a specific sport or just general activities that keep the children active


We keep the kids birthday parties active fun and entertaining changing the activities every 15-20 minutes so there are lots of new and exciting activities to keep the children active for the 90 minutes

We do stop and have a water break every 30-45 minutes depending on the children, weather and activities requested

To get an idea of what we do give us a call

paul connah 0412 602 999


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