Kids Party Entertainment Sydney

Kids Party Entertainment Sydney

When you are looking for Kids Party Entertainment Sydney we have the solution in Sparrow Sports who cover the whole of the Sydney area.

We offer a range of parties  and entertainment to suit your needs. Examples are


When your child is crazy about sport these parties are the perfect solution for them. We provide Kids Party Entertainment Sydney in what we call “Sports Parties” that are perfect for the energetic and generally older child that is crazy about specific sports!

All games and activities can be designed around the a specific sport, or sports, of the birthday persons choice.

These are generally high energy party ran by fully qualified, energetic, P.E teachers suiting the needs of the Birthday Person and their guests.

Click on the  “Birthday parties” tab to choose the package that suits you! on the Sparrow Sports Site


When you are looking for something less intense and fun we would look at the Games Parties that are ideal for smaller children that loves to run around and be active. We have a variety of games that are designed to maximise participation and fun for everyone. Perfect for a party or general entertainment with mixed age and gender. This is a fun, easy full of laughs party, ran by qualified P.E teachers that know how to create a good time for your child in a safe environment.

Kids Party Entertainment Sydney
Kids Party Entertainment Sydney

On completion all children receive a lolly bag and certificate + the birthday person will receive a gift from Sparrow Sports.

Cost are

  • For 17 children and above would be $15 per participant
  • For 16 children and under would be $16 per participant
  • A minimum fee of $180 applies. No deposit is required.

Our Kids Party Entertainment Sydney last for 90 minutes (1 and a half hours), generally, we break this down into 6 x 15 minute segments, with drinks breaks every 30 or 45 minutes dependant on coach and children (age, fitness, weather hot/cold, etc)

Call Sparrow Sports on 0412 602 999 for more details or information


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