Kids Sports Parties

Kids Sports Parties

Looking for ideas for great kids sports parties in Sydney & Brisbane. We have the solutions at Sparrow Sports

We come to convenient location in Sydney & Brisbane and run games, sports and activities for you for a 90 minute duration to keep the kids happy and active

The sports can be taken from a variety of  co-curricular to aid in and invest in the proper growth of the child.

Our SPORTS PARTIES last for 90 minutes (1 and a half hours), generally, we break this down into 6 x 15 minute segments, with drinks breaks every 30 or 45 minutes dependant on coach and children (age, fitness, weather hot/cold, etc)

For an active party we would recommend the following:

15 Minutes – Warm up Games (Tag, Stuck in the Mud etc)

15 Minutes – Scoop Ball (Throw / Catch game)

15 Minutes – Slingshots (Coordination and target game)

15 Minutes – Parachute

15 Minutes – Rockets (Giant Pump rocket activity)

15 Minutes – Sack races / Tug of War

f the birthday person has any special requests for games then we can substitute any of the above games for their request

The recreational activities brings great development in children both socially, physically and emotionally.

Recreational activities such as sack races and tug of war go back many years and are basic in nature thus allow the children to take part and succeed in kids sports and thus are a great springboard for kids sports parties.

Kids sports Parties
Kids sports Parties

Kids  Parties

If you are looking to organize a kids sports party with a variety of recreational activities in your area, it is important for you to know about the various ways that can keep the children engaged.

Depending on their age group, you can arrange for activities that would benefit them in multiple ways. Activities included in incursions often have something that allows the children to learn something apart from having a great time during the entire process.

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